Another rainy day! + more Jillian love

“Hi, I missed you yesterday.”  ~OMG mug 

So glad to have my fave mug today.  I haven’t been running the dish washer the last 2 nights since we’ve been sleeping on the futon on the bottom level of our apartment.  No, there are no quiet dishwashers here and no, we do not have air conditioning.  Actually, many of the places we’ve been in Europe do not have a/c.  In fact, stores and restaurants will advertise in their window that they have a/c…hahaha.  Sorry, I found that shocking and very different than the States!  Of course, in their defense, it’s rarely warm here…so I suppose it’s unnecessary.

Ok, this is going to be a bit of a digression, but the A/C thing got me thinking.  I know I can be somewhat sarcastic about the differences here in Europe (Belgium, in particular) but it is all in good fun.  I actually applaud their go-green attitudes – smaller cars, smaller apartments, no dryers (ok, this one applause not so much, but figured I’d give ’em a shout-out), smaller fridges/freezers, abundance of fresh/local produce, required recycling, and last but not least – reusable grocery bags.  The USA could certainly learn a thing or 20!  *I vow to use re-usable bags at the grocery store when we move back – but, I’ll greet the Metro Market baggers with open arms.

Now that I’m off my “soap-box,” back to my day.  It’s raining again (thank goodness no one is visiting this week), so I’m going to continue my love for Jillian.  Need a change of pace, so opted for the ‘Banish Fat Boost Metabolism’ DVD (another great Itunes purchase).  This DVD requires no equipment (great since I have none)!

What I thought:

  • TOUGH – all cardio focused and is on the longer side (45 minutes), but I like how the workout is broken into different circuits like her other DVDs…seems more do-able.
  • Love the alternate moves for beginners/advanced.
  • Important to note her DVDs are different (some moves are similar, but not all)!
  • Great workout – I was dripping in sweat by the end (and did curse her under my breath – not sure why under my breath since she’s not in my apartment)
  • Overall, definitely recommend but will admit I was quite sore from her ‘Ripped in 30‘ yesterday, so probably won’t do her DVD’s two days in a row again.

NOW, I’m STARVING so I whipped up this nice little lunch (trying to use up the miscellaneous food in the fridge before we move next week – I’m SO excited about that)!

Egg white sandwich with tomato slices, salsa, and mozzarella cheese:

No cooking dinner tonight (Joe will have to fend for himself – pasta, again? :-)) because I have a happy hour!  I am meeting with a woman who graduated from Vlerick Management School (where I will be going in 12 days)!  She is an expat as well and we met via Facebook.  I have a TON of questions for her:

  • What should I expect the first day/week/month?
  • How are the professors?
  • What are the tests/projects?
  • What do people wear (very important que)?!
  • How to become a student representative (I REALLY want to do this as I believe he/she plans the extracurricular get-togethers…happy hours, holiday party, etc.)
  • Any tips/advice, etc.
Can’t wait!

4 responses

  1. It’s so good to see all the nutritional foods you are eating….if you were back in the States pre-Belgium…it would be pictures of popcorn and granola bars!!! Ha!

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