Start of my days + at-home workout

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day (probably because it is the most acceptable meal to have coffee).  I’m a creature of habit and tend to have the same thing every day.  If you’ve visited us yet, you know exactly what I eat as I’m sure I made you bring it back from the States.

  • Quaker Oatmeal Variety Pack (low sugar kind)
  • 1/2 Banana and blueberries (when I can find blueb’s here)
  • Sprinkled with some All-Bran cereal

I’m running VERY low on my Quaker Oatmeal packets…like, I think I have 10 days left.  😦  Thankfully, my husband’s mom is visiting in about 3 weeks.  Until then, if anyone wants to send a care package…j/k…kinda.  🙂

I was supposed to workout today at the gym with one of my new friends, Lisa.  It is SO much more fun to work out with a buddy – I find we workout longer because you do not get as bored.  Unfortunately, it is pouring down rain here (unusual for Belgium – actually, this might be the first thunderstorm since we’ve been here).  Anyway, our gym is about a 10 minute walk…so, no thanks.  I melt in the rain.

So, I’m going to do my latest Itunes workout dvd – “Jillian Michaels: Ripped in 30.”  This is her follow-up DVD to the “30 Day Shred” which I absolutely LOVE.

What I did:  Level 3 and 1 (was feeling motivated-usually I only do one 20 minute workout)

What I thought:

  • Level 3 – completed first and I was dripping in sweat by the time I was done (gross, but felt great).  I don’t have dumbbells (haven’t found a store here yet that sells those) so I usually use new wine bottles or filled water bottles…weird, I know.  The so-called ‘duck walk’ during circuit one is virtually impossible – I definitely don’t look like a duck…maybe a wounded one.
  • Level 1 – I was pretty tired by the time I started this.  I totally did the girly-pushups…I’d like to see a girl do regulars, seriously.  Cardio is fairly easy on this level, but that’s why it is level 1.
  • Overall, this DVD is a GREAT workout.  In my opinion it is quite a bit harder than her ‘Shred’ DVD.  I’d suggest doing that one first and then investing in this one.  I like that this DVD has 4 levels…more variety.

*Side bar – Our walls are VERY thin.  I often wonder if my neighbor can hear me jumping around (he works from home).  I find that very embarrassing, but I continue to do it.  If he walks out into the hallway to go to the elevator, I totally freeze.

Dinner most likely will be sandwiches as we’ve need to go to the grocery store.  Obviously I did not go today in the rain…

4 responses

  1. Please let me know what I can bring from the US grocery stores. and…I love my Jillian Michael’s DVDs. I can never remember which of the two I do that I love the most, but I think it’s Banish Fat Boost Metabolism 🙂

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