A nice night together

After my happy hour with the Vlerick grad (which was fun and interesting), Joe and I decided to venture out for a drink (the weather had turned sunny)!

Earlier in the day, I was feeling pret-ty “blue.”  Every once in awhile I get these bouts of homesickness (Joe does too, but WAY more often it is me-I’m emotional, shocker).  I think it was mostly due to the gloomy weather we’ve been having.  Anyway, when one of us is feeling sad, we always make a point to get out of the apartment and head out to walk/chat.

This evening Joe let me pick the destination (the sad person always chooses).  I picked the Vrijdagmarkt and specifically the cafe, ‘t Helse Stoofke.’ (This place is great – modern feel, clean, great service, and a delicious fish menu).  My evening was instantly better as we walked into the market and saw a group of people dancing to a boom box…line dancing?  square dancing?  No idea…but really, only in Belgium would this happen!

We ordered our drinks (Joe had a Duvel and I was indecisive between a red/white glass of wine, so got a rose) and eagerly dove into the snack bowl (which was replenished often-score!)!

While there, we got to talking about how we feel our lives have changed over the last 6 moths.  We both agree that our life seems to have done a complete 180.  We focused on the positives (of course, we commented on how we miss our family and friends terribly, but that’s a given).  Here are a couple (won’t list them all as that could go on for-eva):

  • Meeting new people (reaching out via phone, FB, email, etc) has become second nature.  I no longer get really nervous about what to say/where to go, etc.
  • Cooking (seriously NEVER did that)
  • More for me – eating healthier (kind of goes with the cooking)
  • Most important – We spend so much more quality time together from sit-down dinners, to walks, to Sundays (since nothing is open), travel, etc.  It has really helped us connect (sure, that sounds gagg-ish, but whatevs).  We’re very thankful for this part of the experience.

By the time we left, I was definitely out of my funk – a perfect night…but oh, wait, another surprise in the Vrijdagmarkt!  Christmas decor…yes, that’s right, it’s August.  Take that Macy’s, you’ve been beat!


One response

  1. Possibly a mob dance like in US commercials. I can’t believe Christmas decorations already. I wonder how other places will decorate. Glad you had a nice evening. I liked your observations about the move to Belgium.

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