A happy Friday of Fitness and Food!

I awoke to ANOTHER thunderstorm this morning, but it’s Friday and I am NOT going to let the weather get me down!  I had quite a nice day planned, so I got right down to it:

MorningI continued to dwindle down our food supply in preparation for our move with a nice bowl of oatmel, All-Bran cereal, and the wonderfully discounted raspberries (only 1 euro – still don’t konw how to make the euro sign on the computer)!

Since it’s pouring again, I’m not going to run to the gym.  I’m going to do another trusty ‘Jillian’ Itunes purchase.

What I did:  ‘Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six-Pack (Level 2)’

What I thought:  This is one of my favorite workouts as it is fast (30 min) and so effective.  I swear I feel my tummy tighten like 20 minutes after.  It’s combines cardio, abs, and weights (or in my case wine bottle) so I feel like it gives me a total body workout.  Level 2 (in my opinion) is really hard.  I’ve been doing this workout for a couple months and I still can’t do ALL the moves (um, mogels?)!  So, I’d recommend Level 1 for beginners – I did Level 1 for a couple weeks before trying Level 2.

AfternoonI was very excited for my lunch date with my friend from the UK.  We hadn’t seen each other in a month or so due to our different holiday schedules (‘holiday’ is just normal vacation in Europe).  We met for lunch at one of my fave restaurants, Le Pain Quotidien, for a “natter.”

Side note:  I’ve discovered that British English versus American is VERY different.  I absolutely LOVE their fun words and accents (especially when little kids talk)!  Anyway, when she first asked if I wanted to get together for a “natter,” I had NO idea what she was talking about.  Joe had to email some of his UK colleagues to determine if I even wanted a “natter.”  UM, YES, I DID – it’s basically a gossip/chit chat session (hello, that’s me, I love talking)!

We had a great 3+ hour lunch talking (lots of laughs) and enjoying our delicious food.  ‘Le Pain Quotidien’ is essentially a restaurant/bakery with wonderfully fresh organic food.  I CANNOT recommend this restaurant enough – you must go to one (it is chain and I do believe there are locations in the US)!! 🙂

Our menu

For me – Coffee (how cute is the little chocolate on the spoon and isn’t it funny the cups have no handles)!+ open-faced grilled chicken, grilled zucchini, and dill sandwich on organic whole grain bread

For her – Coffee + salad of the day (grilled chicken, tomatos, rucola, and capers)


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