Saturday Morning Routine…

Best part of the day…coffee does NOT taste the same without my OMG cup.  I am seriously upset when I forget to wash it the night before.  Today the coffee was especially good because it was delivered to me.  🙂

Also, I’ve started drinking “fizzy” water…”still” water is hard to come by here in Belgium.  This morning I ate the last of my calcium chews (aka – chocolate candy), but, I have plenty of my gummies left (thanks mom).

*Note:  If you are wondering if we live in a ship (based on the 2 windows in the above pic), we do not.  Our “business apt” has a ship-motif.  Really.

Off to workout at our new gym before we head to the “Ghent Beer Festival” this afternoon!  I will attempt to take a pic of every new beer we try…


5 responses

  1. i laughed outloud when I saw your calcium chew next to your coffee mug and bottle of water. Sounds like you had a good weekend. And I can’t believe a Starbucks is coming. I’m sure you will be the first in line on opening day (and every day).

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