My new Chicago…

When we were living in Milwaukee and wanted to go somewhere fun for the weekend, we’d go to Chicago.  I LOVE Chicago and hope to live there some day.  When we come down I-94 and the skyline I appears, I seriously can’t help but smile and get goosebumps.  It’s gorgeous.  I often called it my “mecca” and Joe would just roll his eyes.  Since I can’t get to Chi-town in under 2 hours anymore, I’ve found a new “mecca”…

PARIS (not a bad alternative, huh?)!

We’ve been to Paris 4 times since we’ve moved here…almost embarrassed to say that since we’ve only been here 6 months and there are so many other places to see!  Whatevs, it’s true.

Here are some of my favorite things we’ve done in no apparent order (and would definitely recommend to anyone going):

  • Bike About Tours – we did the Parisian Bike Trip and loved it!
  • Sight Seekers Delight Tour – we did the ‘Paris along the Seine’ tour with my parents.  Our guide was very knowledgable and fun.  Definitely recommend doing this one of your first days – you see a lot of things you’d like to return to the next day!  You do a LOT of walking, so be prepared.
  • Le Orangerie Museum – Monet water lilies?  Yes, please.
  • Montmartre area – just walk around and see the painters (watch your belongings from pick-pockets)
  • O’ Chateau Wine Tasting – we did the ‘Tour de France of Wine.’  Very fun tasting and great sommelier, but were not treated very nicely by the bartender upstairs when we asked for directions.
  • Eiffel Tower – light show that starts after dark (along those lines – have a picnic in the park…amazing)
  • Laduree – Go for Sunday brunch or just a croissant/macaroon from the bakery…AMAZING.
  • Just walk and get lost, really!  You’ll see so much…but beware, sometimes comes with map arguments. 🙂
Where to stay (I usually book through Hotwire or
*Note – there are hotels for all budgets.  As mentioned in my previous post, (Luxembourg), I tend to be a diva about hotels…just a precursor to my reco’s.
  • Le Meridien Etoile (Champs de Elysee area):  Good 4-star hotel that is about a 15 minute walk to the Arc de Triumph and Champs.  Jazz club at night is nice, but be prepared to pay a lot for drinks (same with any hotel).  Nice, clean rooms with big beds.
  • Hotel California (Champs de Elysee area):  My fave 4-star hotel so far; it’s literally 2 blocks off the Champs.  Great location, beautiful rooms, and friendly service.  We arrived before check-in and our room wasn’t ready so they watched our luggage for us and we went on our way.
  • Marriott Trocadero (Eiffel Tower): Fortunate to stay at this 5-star hotel by the Eiffel Tower due to our friends’ points!  Absolutely beautiful location and wonderful rooms/lobby.  Great service too – gave us dishes for our picnic.  One caveat…commented on how they noticed we drank a bit one night…busted.
*All hotel breakfasts are ridiculously expensive (think 25 euros/person).  There are so many bakeries/patisseries, just go there  for significantly cheaper.
**Last but not least, eat as MUCH cheese, macaroons, croissants, and baguettes as possible.  It is all seriously delicious!
***If you know anyone going to Paris, I would gladly help them plan their trip!
Now for the most important part – pics!

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