The answer is…

NO.  (Can’t remember the question…click)?  Oh well!  More for me during the Holidays in the USA! 🙂

We still (of course) got our Starbucks fill!  Here it is in all its glory!  Don’t you think it fits so perfectly? HA.  You cannot read it in the picture below, but the little white sign next to Starbucks shows that it is in the Korenmarkt (probably the biggest market in Gent)!

The line was only about 10 minutes!  I was a little worried as I heard opening day lines were hours long.  I think Joe was a little nervous too because he asked (very hesitantly) how long I was willing to wait while we walked over there.  Answer?  VERY long.

What a beauty.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

For those of you “Gentenaars” (locals), we did make sure to walk past Mokabon (the local coffee shop around the corner).  It was alive and kicking.  My opinion is that it really isn’t going to be hurt by Starbucks – market to very different demographics.

It was probably one of the most beautiful fall days, so we walked around the city for an hour or so.  All the historic building (basically everywhere) were decorated with nice fall foliage.

Stadhuis - city hall!

We made sure to stop at our favorite chocolate shop for a little treat!  Honestly, this chocolate shop is my favorite (and we’ve tried a LOT).  Their new flavor (tropical – weird, but amazing) is the BEST.  In fact, we lucked out as there was only 1 piece left. Our selections were:

Me – tropical milk chocolate & dark chocolate chewy caramel

Joe – dark chocolate chewy caramel, chocolate liquor, & a chocolate mousse truffle

He was NOT enthused I made him stand there!

A very nice afternoon!


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