Question of the Day

Will a USA Starbucks work at the Gent Starbucks?  We shall find out soon…:-)

We stayed in and relaxed last night – caught up on our many Itunes purchases!  We are LOVING the new show Revenge, Rules of Engagement, Big Bang Theory, and Modern Family.  Of course, I caught up on Vampire Diaries too (duh)!  Hello Ian.

This morning I woke up refreshed and starving.

Perezhilton is on in the background! 🙂

I proceeded to get organized and enjoyed doing nothing this Saturday morning (besides drinking my OMG coffee).  I opened our mail and found this little gem.

A little note from my Gma Sue!

How cute is that?!  Joe and I then made a trip to the gym.  We both pounded out a long run on the treadmill…ah, felt so good.  On to lunch…

PB&J toast! Simps.

And…finally, we are off to the center.  I’m thinking Starbucks for dessert…hoping the line isn’t toooo long!



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