Gaming in Poperinge!

As promised (although a few weeks late…sorry), here are the games we played while on our weekend getaway in Watou.  We traveled to the nearby city of Poperinge to a bar with a “witchy” theme!

We played “bar olympics” as Joe named it (reminiscent of our college bar olympic days 🙂 – a lot more beer drank then for me though)!  It was girls versus guys.  Here are some of the games:

Note: The games were almost all wooden and very old – no electronic mechanisms here.  Growing up I was an avid Nintendo and Gameboy player, but an old-fashioned game is just SO much better!

Game 1:  Throw the metal plate into the holes (as you can tell, I have NO idea what the names are)!

Frog gets the most points!

Frog gets the most points!

Here is Joe showing off the metal plates that you throw.  Obviously, you want the metal plates to go down the holes on top of the structure.  The first to 8,000 points wins!

See the "witch" decor in the background...haha.

Game 2: Fling your wooden pucks into your opponents area!  If you look closely, you can see that there is string on each side where you would fling the wood pucks off…

This was by far my favorite!  It was fast and you could not take your eyes off the game (no blinking…actually hurt after awhile)!


Game 3: Reminds of Hungry, Hungry, Hippo…basically you squeeze your air thingy to push the ball away from your area.  You do NOT want the ball to land in the whole by you!

Definitely harder than it looks to squeeze those things!

Game 4: Reminds me of bocce ball…except with HUGE heavy wooden cheese blocks as “balls.”  Sorry, not the best picture, but the cement block was where you wanted your cheese block to land after thrown (the closest team gets points – up to 11)!

Game 5: Swing a rope with a ball attached to knock down the witches (again, the theme of the bar)!  This game was very easy…

Joe setting up the witches after I dominated!

There were quite a few more games that we did play, that unfortunately, I do not have pictures of.  We will definitely be going back as I KNOW we’ll be back to Watou this coming fall!


4 responses

  1. I just stumbled across your blog. I’m an American living in Oudenaarde, just outside of Ghent. I know nearly no other expats, so i was thrilled to find your blog. I’m sad to see you aren’t updating it anymore. I loved reading about all your experiences here in Oost-Vlaanderen.

  2. Hey Sarah! I think you have a really nice blog. I was searching for Americans who live in Ghent, because I have a question for you guys. With our student organisation we have an American Night next week (28th of March 2013). Since we are the newbies from this year, we need to look for Americans who want to visit us on that night. Your visit doesn’t have to be long and if you come, you can get a free drink! You would help us very much! The “party” is in the “Confrater” at Overpoortstraat 114 at Ghent and it starts at 9 pm. Hope to see you! If you have any further questions, you can always contact me 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hi there!

      Thanks for the message – I’m glad you like the blog. Unfortunately, I am no longer in Gent – we moved back to the states otherwise I would have loved to join you for a drink.


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