Weekend in Watou: Getaway #2

Do you all remember this wonderful weekend?  Well, we decided to go back this past weekend with some friends and had another great weekend in Watou!

We drove into town on Saturday morning and we’re greeted by the wonderful hostess, Jackie, at the Watou Sint-Bernardus B&B!  She showed us to our rooms and we were SO excited to try out a new room in the main house.  We had the room on the top floor.  Each room in the main house is themed – the themes are the different types of Sint-Bernardus beer brewed next door.  Our room theme was the ‘Grottenbier.’



Fittingly, our room was blue to match the beer label.  Check it out.  It was adorable, big, and very clean!


Loved this vanity!

View from the bed area leading to the bathroom/entrance way

After we checked in, we were off to visit the famous Westvleteren Abbey.  For those of you who do not know, this is supposed to be the BEST beer brewery in Belgium.  I believe I read that the beer has been brewed for centuries (check out the link above).

I did not really know what to expect, but was amazed at how BEAUTIFUL it was!  Unfortunately, they do not allow visitors to see the brewery, but there is a cafe where you can have some snacks and try the infamous beer.

Note: The beer is exclusively sold at the abbey and you must call to reserve a case when available.  When you purchase the case, you are forbidden to sell commercially…

The abbey!

Of course, we stopped by the cafe for a snack and a drink.  The guys got to try the infamous beer and the gals (prego) got to enjoy nice water/soda.  Yum…:-).  I did not take a picture of my meal (just a Croque Monseur – grilled cheese), but did snap a photo of the local specialty.  For the life of me, I can’t remember what it is called.  BUT, it was described as…chicken in a lemony-like jello…

The 'Local Specialty'

After lunch we proceeded to explore the small towns in the countryside by stopping at some local pubs to play “Bar Olympics.”  More on that next post as it is VERY interesting and I have quite a few pics!!!



3 responses

  1. The abbey is beautiful Sarah. I love the B&B. Looks bigger than your apartment. Ha! I think I would have passed on the jelloy chicken. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  2. I’m glad you’re back to blogging! And congrats on your exciting news, by the way! I know, it’s such a bummer that the abbey is always closed, although this B ‘n B you describe sounds fantastic. A weekend getaway is definitely in order soon, so this might be just the ticket. Thanks for the recommendation. Also, I know you can’t drink, but I did a write up of Westvleteren at my blog (http://thepetitfour.com/?p=2339) and maybe you can experience it in the verbal way until you can try it for real! However, if you and your husband are into abbeys, you should check out the Orval abbey – the scenery is absolutely gorgeous and you can always play on the ruins of the medieval abbey – win-win! (http://thepetitfour.com/?p=1200) Ok, I will stop linking because this is ridiculous, but you really, really need to go to Orval, especially since the weather is getting warmer! It’s so beautiful!

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