I’m officially…BACK, I promise!

So, I’ll just call myself out.  I’m embarrassed that it has been 2 whole months since my last blog post!  Unacceptable.  I really enjoy blogging and knew that mid-December to mid-January would be lacking in posts (traveling for the Holidays my focus was on family/friend time than computer time).  BUT, now it’s mid-February and I must start-up again.

My one defense for the lack of posting (if I still have any readers left – please come back!) is that this is a blog about our adventures in Belgium – travel, food, etc.  WELL, I have not wanted to do much travel or eating the last 6 or 7 weeks…why you ask!?  WE HAVE BIG NEWS:


We are expecting our first baby on August 15, 2012!  Both Joe and I are beyond excited!  We both have no idea what to expect, but are very eager to start this new chapter in our lives.

Here are a couple pictures of when some of our family found out (unfortunately only caught a couple candids):

Surprise and disbelief...

...turns to SUPER excited to-be Aunties

Disbelief? Anger? Confusion?

...tears of joy (whew)! 🙂

Now that I am officially out of the first trimester (14.5 weeks), I am finally turning the corner on the morning sickness (I think).  I won’t share any details, but will just let you know that it is NOT only in the morning and it is NOT fun.  Anyway, I am back to eating (semi-normal again) and making meals.  Plus, I don’t have the somewhat irrational fear of being far away from the house (in case the sickness feeling came – sorry, I just like my own bathroom when sick).  Therefore….more motivation for the blog – bring on the meals and travel!!

So, stay tuned…we have a couple fun dinners out this week and a little getaway this weekend! 🙂


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  1. Oooh, congratulations! You most probably aren’t, but if you’re still looking for a hospital, the Ghent University Hospital is the best one in the area according to many 🙂

  2. Hi, I have been finding your blog fascinating!!! I’m from Chicago but have recently moved to Ghent a few weeks ago with my toddler and husband. He is from england and we spent the past 6 years there! Well, I would love to meet up sometime if you are free. Not sure how to get in touch….My name is Rachel btw.

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