Our tree!

Like I mentioned before, we decided that we should decorate for the holidays since we will not be back in the USA until later in December!

So…how can you claim your house is decorated without a tree, seriosly?!  It is not possible.  Onto trimming the tree…

Of course, there is a story to our tree purchase in Belgium.  Is there ever not? 🙂  We went to the DIY store, Brico, to pick out our tree (reminded me of a Lowe’s type store – only smaller and less clean).  However, they had nice decorations set up right in the front!  We were very $$$ conscience when picking out our little tree and chose the second to smallest tree with no lights (boom – only 24 euro)!  Then, we picked up lights.  NOTE – we did NOT look at the price of the lights…I mean, they were just normal 100 ct white lights.  OHHHHHH BOY was I pissed when we got to the counter (at myself for not looking at the cost and at the ludicrous prices).  Those lights were 12 euro a piece – that’s right, I spent 36 euro on lights.  I’m so embarrassed.

*Yes, I could have returned to the light section and picked out cheaper ones.  But, by this time there was a long line of Belgians staring at us (ok, me, since I had a look of horror on my face).  We panicked and bought the lights.

Anyway, it is taking me a long time to get to the picture of the tree, but I have to make one last comment.  I’ve never had to put lights on a Christmas tree before.  In fact, I’ve just reaped the benefits of a perfectly lit tree for the last 28 years.  This is all thanks to my dad.  Of course, it takes him about 8 hours to light our tree, but it always passes the squint test (ya know, squint to make sure there are no gaping holes of missing lights)?  I will never make fun of him again for taking so long – it is seriously a task.  Yea, and I only have about a 3 foot tree.

WOW – ok, a lot of dialogue above.  But seriously, our tree turned out wonderfully.  I absolutely love it.  It is the first thing I turn on in the morning and the last thing I turn off at night.  We have a couple ornaments on there that we’ve collected the last couple months (my goal is to collect an ornament from each country we visit)!

Our tree! 🙂


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  1. Hi Sarah! Katie and I enjoy your blog very much and can relate to everything! Especially the INSANE prices for random things… We live in Gent and have lived here now for about 3 months… near the Gravensteen. We keep a blog too so you should definitely check it out (although we haven’t updated it for a while). Drop me a line if you and your husband want to grab some trappiste beers and compare notes! Sincerely, Katie & Ryan

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