Christmas in Belgie, Part 1

With the start of December, comes the start of the Holiday season in Belgie!  This weekend, we decided to see what Gent & Brussels had to offer!

Up first, Gent!  

I have to start out with the fact that Joe brought home dessert from work…

Yup, on his desk @ work!

We decided to make dinner (salsa chicken – recipe to come later) and then venture out for a walk to see the lights and the festival we had heard (and saw – HUGE ferris wheel) about.

We were sad to notice that most of the lights hanging down all the streets and the Christmas tree in the centrum were not yet lit.  I’m assuming it is because the Christmas Market in Gent does not open until next Friday.  However, I knew the Graslei would never let me down!  As we turned the corner, here is what we saw!


The Graslei still amazes me at how beautiful it is…even when I see it everyday!

We then made our way to the “Winters Dream” Festival at Sint-Pieters Square.  I had rather high hopes of this considering the beautiful email I received from the Marriott promoting the fair.  Well, lets just say we walked through it in about 10 minutes.

The entrance!

What is a Christmas festival without a ferris wheel?!  There were many other rides (for those of you in Milwaukee, think ‘carni’ rides at State Fair).  I’ve never felt that “carni” rides were trustworthy – so, we did not partake.

Next we came to the second part of the entrance and what most would say, the appeal of carnivals to adults.  Enter, the Gluhwein stand!


This (no surprise) was the busiest of areas at the festival.  Gluhwein is like hot, spiced wine and is DELISH!  It is the drink of choice at all the Christmas markets in Europe (at least what I’ve heard).

We then came to my favorite part: the ice skating rink.  I just love them (no, I can’t skate), but I think they are so beautiful.  It reminds me of the one in downtown milwaukee and of course, NY.  I mean, nothing compares to Madison Garden, but still.

Does that say "Winter's Droom?"

We watched the skaters for awhile and particularly enjoyed the guy wearing women’s skates struggling.  I know, we’re so mean.

Not a shabby start to the holiday season in Gent.  Next week starts the Christmas market by the church, so we’ll be sure to go there.

My next post will be about the Christmas Market in Brussels…it was AMAZING.  Coming soon…


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