Happy Dec 1st!

It’s officially December!!! Woo hoo – this is absolutely my most favorite time of the year!!

As some of you may have realized, I’m obsessed with the Holidays.  Growing up, my parents have instilled MANY traditions that we do together during December…and we (the sisters) get VERY excited to do these things each year.  Tradition is VERY important for my fam (um, hello Katie)!   Here are some of our family traditions as well as some of my own that I’ve added over the years…

Christmas 2010 - sisters!!!

Christmas 2010 @ our condo!

My favorite traditions:

  • Listening to Christmas Music –  I start this in November, but my family doesn’t really accept that early start date – neither does Joe!  Thankfully, December is acceptable to blast it through the apartment!
  • Decorate the House – Growing up, we always dedicated one day over the Thanksgiving weekend to pull the decor out of the attic.  My dad every year said: “Girls, it is not a race.”  But really, it was (certain decor was more fun to put up than others and we would race to do it…)
  • Making Christmas Cookies – This was a tradition between my mom and my grandma that is now a tradition between my mom and the sisters.  Sadly, this year I will be unable to partake…so, seriously there better be good cookies when I get home.   🙂
  • Christmas Shopping! – The family always goes shopping the day after Christmas to reap the benefits of ‘Black Friday.’  Last year, my dad waited in line for 1.5 hours @ Banana Republic while we shopped and just piled clothes on top of him.  It was awesome.
  • Christmas Play – Each Christmas Eve we go to a children’s play at the theater downtown.  They can be a little “gaggish,” but, it’s tradition!
  • Don’t even get me started on the food served…

I could go on and on because there are SO many traditions, but those are my fave.  Joe and I rotate Christmas celebrations with our families and this year it is a Milwaukee one!  That means (mom are you reading?) I expect the Dickens houses to be out in full efffect.  None of this…”we’re not doing that this year, it just takes too much time.”  🙂

So, obviously, this year our December is a little different – the first Holiday season away from home (at least until right before Christmas).  I’m not going to lie, it is definitely harder than I thought.  But, we’re trying to make it special and take advantage of the Christmas spirit here.  I did set up some decorations in our apartment!

The Santa is an advent calendar - filled with Belgian chocolate!

Some sparkly bulbs!

One of the things that I am most excited about is…hitting up the MANY Christmas Markets in both Belgium and Germany.  First up, the Brussels Christmas market.  Apparently there are over 150 booths, a skating rink, AND a light show.  Awesome…

Lighting the tree in Brussels...only 1/2 way!



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