Welcome to winter!

Yesterday it was NEGATIVE degrees here in Belgium!  Ok, negative C (like 27F), but still, I was NOT prepared for that…and of course, I did a lot of outside activities…so typical.

Anyway, to get warm, I stopped at…Starbucks!  We typically only go on the weekends due to the extreme prices…my bad.  Actually, I think karma was trying to tell me something because I got pooped on by a pigeon.  Disgusting…thankfully it wasn’t in my hair or anything, but you can imagine my thoughts around that.  (Yes, this is the 2nd time in 6 months that I’ve been pooped on by pigeons).  Some people say…”oh, that means you are lucky.”  Hm, I disagree.

Anyway, my friend Sarah and I had a full day of sewing planned.  She is teaching me how to make a skirt (don’t laugh – I really can do it).  We got pretty far along yesterday – only thing left is the stitching.  It was my first time cutting and measuring fabric…I was veryyyy slow!  I can’t wait to finish it…then I’ll post pics!

She made us a delicious lunch break…

Love all the salad fixins...

I LOVE tomato/mozzarella salad

Don’t you just love the setting?!  I also loved the 3 dish platter with little “snacks.” 🙂

Last night, we went out to dinner with our friends from Denver (who we had not seen if forever!)!  They invited us to a REALLY cute restaurant they found, De Avonden.  We LOVED this place.  It is only open on the week nights and is set in a house.  It’s very, typical Belgian.  By that I mean, plan on being there about 2-3 hours and having unique, hearty Belgian food.  The menu changes every week and is on a chalkboard – so cute.  The atmosphere is great too – cozy, candles, nice chandeliers, etc.

I opted for the vegetarian option last night.  A kohlrabi stuffed with fresh veggies and spinach (with cheese bubbling on top) on a bed of mashed potatoes.  Holy crap it was good.  Plus, all dinners came with freshly cooked carrots, roasted potatoes, and an amazing batch of warm cinnamon applesauce.


Everyone else ordered meat – bunny, wild boar, and chicken hen.  It’s “gaming season” so the menu was quite centered around that theme.  Actually, we got to talking and apparently (during gaming season) it is common to find “bb bullets” in your food.  Um, seriously, what?!  Obvii, I’m not much of a “game-eater.”

Such a nice dinner – we all agreed it reminded us of an American Thanksgiving feast (ok, not the menu items, but the mass quantity of hearty food)!


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  1. Love your blog. I too am an American living in Gent and would love to chat about your experiences in living abroad. I too have a blog about my experiences as they are funny at times. When I first moved here I thought “OK this is not Afganistan…how different can things be?” VERY different. My blog is Bigamericanintinybelgium.blogspot .com/ Please keep in kind that I am New Yorker and can be very sarcastic. I meant everything I wrote out of love. If you choose to read my posts please start from the back and move forward as they;ll make more sense that way.. Of course my writings are nothing compared to your professional blog and your detailed experiences are wonderful. If you’d like to chat online feel free to E-Mail me directly at Donmontegari@gmail.com. All the best and like you I love Gent. Be well and Bright Blessings!!! Don

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