Day trip to Wallonia!

With the long weekend, Joe and I decided a day trip was in order.  When we travelled to Luxembourg (awesome) awhile back, we drove through Wallonia (the Southeast region of Belgium).  The landscape is very different from Flanders – think mountains, valley’s, rivers, chateau’s, etc.  We’ve had wanted to stop and visit some of the towns, but it was a rainy and cold day…so…we thought, let’s visit Wallonia this weekend!

First stop: Namur (capitol of the region)

We basically parked the car and walked randomly through the city (best way to explore small towns- in our opinion).  Here are some pics:

Walking along the in the back!

River walk...

Warning: If you drive into the water...this is what happens.


City center!

Do they have chips & salsa & nachos?!

Gorgeous church!

Second stop: Floreffe

Note: This town is small.  It took us about 3 different tries/turns around, etc to get here.  I read about an abbey that is producing beer and thought this would be great to see.  After about 45 minutes, we finally found it!  (Stopping to ask people in Wallonia is difficult – all French speaking)!  

So glad we kept looking because we found this beauty!

The Abbey dates back to the 11oo’s!  The monks here produced the Floreffe beer (still produced today).  The abbey is also well-known for a specific bread recipe that one of the Sister’s made at the turn of the 20th century.  The restaurant onsite sells both the beer and the bread (you KNOW we stopped there)!  The seminary is still operating today…

Floreffe Abbey grounds...

Abbey church


View from the Abbey (set on a huge hill)

So peaceful!

Of course...we tried the beer & the bread!

Third & Final stop:  Dinant

Our last stop was to the small city of Dinant (population of about 10,000 people).  A couple people had recommended that we go to this picturesque town on the river.  It did NOT fail to impress…so beautiful.  The city’s claim to fame is that the saxophone creator is from Dinant – and they DEFINITELY promote this (see pics below).  We walked around for quite a bit enjoying the buildings along the river, the church, and the little shops.  Sadly, the gondola up to the citadel was closed for the day, so we’ll have to go back!

View from the river...

Church & citadel in the background...

Saxophones lining the bridge...

Since it was dark, my pictures were not of the best quality…ugh!

To end our day, we stopped off for a bite to eat on the river at Cafe Leffe.  Pork for Joe and salmon for me.  We were brave and tried an unknown appetizer (again, ALL french)!  Luckily, it was delish!

Goat cheese with honey, apples, and raisins...

It’s amazing how much of Belgium you can see in about 8 hours…it was a lovely drive through the countryside.


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