Choco-late Festival!!!

As I mentioned yesterday, we went to Brugge to explore the “choco-late festival!”  (The official link)!

We figured – we are in the chocolate capitol of the world (yea, Belgian choco, sorry Swiss) – how can we NOT go to a festival?!  Plus, this festival is every other year so who knows where we’ll be in 2013?!

At first, we were a little skeptical about the line to get in…

I can smell the choco!!!

But, LET me tell you this – well worth the wait.  There was NO shortage on the free chocolate!  DEFINITELY got my 10 euros worth (entry cost)!

When you walked into the building, you were immediately taken over by the smell of all things chocolate.  There were many booths/vendors set up that we demonstrating making chocolate, painting with chocolate, areas to buy chocolate, education areas (how a bean becomes chocolate), etc.  One area left us quite bewildered – they literally had 2 people from South America sitting on the floor behind a poster of an area where chocolate beans come from…quite odd right)?

Anyway, the first exhibit (also quite odd) was furniture with drizzled chocolate.  Yes, these were for sale…

Um, no thanks!

We then stopped to see a demonstration on how chocolate is made into little figurines…basically, liquid choco put into a mold and then cooled in the fridge at a designated temp!  I got a sample!

Dark choco bunny anyone?!

Next up – a HUGE choco block.  Yes, you could seriously pound it and then eat it…those are choco shavings on the floor!

Crazy big!

We also saw some chocolate cakes and chocolate mousse being made.  Seriously, I wish I was that talented at decorating treats!

Mouth watering...

The last exhibit on the first floor was free hot chocolate!  When was the last time you had hot chocolate?!  Joe and I could not remember…but vowed we’d have it again soon.

Yes, that topiary is all chocolate!

Upstairs were more demonstrations and more taste testing…as well as some CUTE gift ideas!

Stocking stuffer?! Check out those little hats! - Those are chocolate blocks to stir in your coffee!

Just chattin on my choco Iphone

As well as some more “artistic” chocolate…

Chocolate marzipan creatures...

AND even chocolate people!

Last but not least…what is a choco fest without a…

Choco fountain!

All in all, pretty fun and tasty festival!  We definitely left with a bit of a choco hangover…but, whatevs, well worth it.

OH – and one last thing…as you exited, you were given a free orange…perhaps to “undo” the overload of chocolate?!  I took one…Joe said, no thanks! 🙂


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