Armistice Day ~ Holiday in Belgie

So…we were lazy last night and did not want to cook a dinner.  Enter: frozen pizzas from the nacht-winkel (night shop)!  And, not just any night shop, the night shop close to us…which just so happens to be in the middle of the red light district.  Suh-weet…

Pretty impressed that my little combo oven can cook these bad boys at the SAME time.  Now no one has to wait.  Um, yea, it’s only the 2 of us, but we needed 2 pizza’s.

Not so patiently waiting...

We opted for a very spicy (had 3 chili’s on the front of the box) and a goat cheese chicken type.  We split each pizza so we could sample both.  And, if I might say so myself, not too shabby for a frozen pie!

My fave

3 chili's on the spice scale!

Totally brought me back to college...Monte Cristo anyone?*

*This seriously brought me back to my college days.  In particular, the countless frozen pizza’s at the Monte Cristo (Joe’s old apt)!  Of course, we had a pizza pizzazz maker (thanks Kelsey) that made the pizza’s a MILLION times better than an oven.  Ahhh, those were the days!



Today is Armistice Day – i.e. the end of WWI.  Many European countries have this day as a holiday in remembrance of the soldiers from both WWI and WWII.  Since Joe is home, we’re off to spend the day in Brugge…I happen to know there is a choco-fest in the bell tower!

Happy Friday everyone!

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