Celeb Sighting!!!

We arrived in London…and what is the first thing I see in my hotel elevator?!?!

Why, hello there Sarah...(ahem, Carrie).


NO JOKE!  There were 4 people on the elevator, me, Joe, stranger, and…Mr. Big!  I SERIOUSLY almost screamed and I DID gasp.  Joe hit me.  And, then I panicked.  Do I say something?  Do I ask for a picture?  Do I give him a hug…

So…I said: “Excuse me…are you…?”  Yes, that’s all I got out.  I didn’t know his real name and I certainly didn’t want to say…”Are you Mr. Big?”  He turned around and said “Am I that guy?  No.”  Then he smiled and said…yes.

I don’t really think I got out any other words.  The elevator opened…and we scurried out.  He wished us a nice night.



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