Restaurant Review: Au Boeuf Qui Rit

Restaurant: Au Boeuf Qui Rit (sorry no website)

Location: Gent, Belgium (centrum)

Last night I got to meet one of Joe’s bosses for the first time.  We had dinner with him and his wife at one of their favorite Gent restaurants – ‘Au Boeuf Qui Rit.’

When you walk in, you immediately feel as though you are in someone’s quirky home.  There are random framed photographs, candles lit everywhere, and a huge fireplace in the middle.  It has a very nice warm and relaxing feeling to it.

The Kitchen!

We sat our table and proceeded to check out the menu.  It is important to note that this is a French restaurant — VERY french.  In other words, the waitress and owner only speaks french!  The menu is in both Dutch and French and you can get by with pointing, etc, but she really does only speak French.  Luckily for us, Joe’s boss speaks excellent French!

Also important – all meals are prepared on the grill in the middle of the restaurant.  I found this to be really cool/unique as you could watch your food being prepared.  Just something different and fun!

Here are my thoughts!

  • Ambiance – GOOD.  Relaxed and resembled a home living room – warm and cozy.
  • Drinks – EXCELLENT.  We had a nice bottle of red wine for the table and then the men ordered beer afterwards (fairly limited selection, but they were happy with Duvel).
  • Snacks – N/A – bummer as this is important to me.
  • Food – VERY GOOD.  I opted for the grilled shrimp skewers with the house sauce (amazing sauce)!  Each entree also comes with grilled potatoes and a side salad.
  • Price – GOOD.  My shrimp was 19 euro which for Gent I don’t think is too bad.  However, for 6 shrimp and a small salad with 1 potato – could be considered a lot.
  • Service – GOOD.  Again, pretty hard to interact as she only spoke French.  We had to hunt her down a few times for wine and the check, so not the most attentive.
  • Overall – GOOD.  It’s not one of my favorite places, but I’d go back when I’m in the mood for an old fashioned barbeque!

Sauce was DELISH!

A couple other things to note.  I would not recommend this restaurant on the weekends as the owner is the only cook and the grill quite small = long wait times.  Also, you will smell like a barbeque when you leave – so be prepared to air out your clothes.

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