Restaurant Review: Kaai 14

Restaurant: Kaai 14


Location: Gent, Belgium (centrum)

Joe and I have walked past this restaurant several times on our way to the gym and have always wanted to try it out!  Then, one of my friends recommended it.  So, finally, we tested it out!

On the river! Loving the vines!

When we walked in, we were immediately greeted (very friendly) and sat in the lounge.  It was SO cozy with the fireplace and very romantic.  We were treated to a nice aperitif (cava for me & rum & coke for Joe).  In addition, they brought down (complimentary – score!) olives and a small plate of tomato-mozzarella salad.  For those of you who don’t know, that is my favorite salad, so I was immediately won over!

Loungin...pun intended!


After having our aperitif, we were taken to our table upstairs to enjoy our meal!

  • Ambiance – Modern chic and very clean – loved it!
  • Drinks – EXCELLENT.  As mentioned above, we enjoyed our aperitifs.  We then opted for a bottle of red wine (Malbec) for dinner.  It was delicious and paired great with our filet (recommended by our waitress).
  • Snacks – EXCELLENT.  As seen above – we loved the olives and the mini appetizer was a very nice surprise.
  • Food – EXCELLENT.  We opted for the 3 course chef menu – definitely worth it (see below)!  I should note that this is the way to go.  The chef menu was only about 10 euros more than the entrees themselves but you got two more courses.  No brainer!
  • Price – EXCELLENT.  The prices are standard for a Gent restaurant (20-35 euros/entree).  The portions were perfect!
  • Service – EXCELLENT – Our waitress was very friendly and so attentive (not always the case in Belgium).  She made several recommendations (wine) and did not disappoint.
  • Overall – EXCELLENT.  A great place for celebrating a nice occasion or just date-night!  (Would not recommend to bring children here).
What we ate:
  • First Course – Tuna and crab tartar with sun-dried tomatoes and honey mustard.  We were also served bread (multi-grain) in the bag in the picture.  I thought that was so funny – I’ve never had bread brought to me in a bag!

  • Second Course – Filet mignon with a cranberry sauce, potatoes, and seasonal veggies.
  • That's a pear on top!

  • Third Course – Whipped custard with Belgian chocolate ice cream.  Do not hate me – I DON’T have a picture of this (oops)!  I was more a fan of the ice cream than the actual whipped custard…so I dug around it! 🙂
As you can tell, we were quite happy!!  A great dinner with the hubby!

Happy Friday!


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