In case you are wondering…

Domino’s Belgium tastes just like Domino’s USA!

The "sausage" is chopped funny though & the fresh tomatoes are AMAZING.

It is pretty crazy to think it took us over 7 months to order pizza delivery.  We used to get pizza about 1x per week – usually Sunday (from Louise’s…YUM).  Of course, the late night pizza order from Pizza Shuttle or Papa John’s was common as well.  I guess we’re growing up…ha.

This was our Sunday feast.  I had every intention of cooking a nice dinner including baked sweet potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts…but…we’ll do that tonight!

We followed our pizza up with an Itunes movie: HORRIBLE BOSSES.  Has anyone seen this yet?  I was pretty skeptical despite the fact that:

~Jen is in it…doesn’t it look like she’s thinking: “Sarah, call me, let’s hang and shop.” (Photo – Google Images)

I must say, I was presently surprised.  Of course, the movie was definitely a little far-fetched, but nonetheless, pretty comical.  And, since this movie, my newest celeb obsession is:

~Jason Bateman – he is SOoo funny!   (Photo – Google Images)

Another relaxing night before our busy week! 🙂


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