We’re baaaackkkkkk…to Belgium!

OH MAN!  I AM EXHAUSTED.  We had such a great trip to the USA, but, I’ll be honest, it was very nice to sleep in our own bed last night!  It’s weird to say, but, we got off the plane and got to our apartment and we’re like: “Whew, we are home.”  Home.  Definitely did not know when we would start saying that…I guess 7 months did the trick.

Back to life…work for Joe, class for me.

Last night we went grocery shopping (for the first time in about 1 month)!  September was CRAZY with visitors and trips, so, we were legit excited about going back to normal!  On the menu for dinner last night?  Some comfort food: Tomato soup and Grilled Cheese!

Can you tell whose bowl is whose?

Joe or SARAH?

JOE or Sarah?

Um, would you like some soup to go with those crackers?

Also, if you are thinking – “hm, I didn’t know Belgium had fishy crackers” – you are correct that they do NOT.  A perk of having lots of visitors and a trip to the USA…mmm, American snacky snacks!

Off to bed EARLY to watch to catch up on our Itunes shows! 🙂


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