Happy Monday!

First full day in Tosa!

And, we’re starting it off with:

Homemade Banana Bread!

As I said before, my mother is the best.  She made us a mini-loaf of homemade banana bread for our hotel.  YUM!

I am so excited for today.  Why you ask?  Because I get to see Gma Sue!  She is coming into town so that we can have lunch together.  When I was working in Racine, we’d have lunch at least 1x per month (either at her house, Panera Bread, or Out of the Pan).  Today, I’m opting for good ole’ Panera (definitely one of my most missed restaurants)!

She picked me up at lunch time and of course, there were tears involved! 🙂  Happy tears, that is.  As usual, she was so cute and put together (no red,white, and blue – just leopard this time)!  She’s so stylin.

We headed over to Panera and I ordered my all-time fave:  You Pick 2 (Greek Salad + Garden Veggie Soup + french baguette).  As always, it was delicious.  I will note, however, that I might be a bread snob now.  The French baguette was good…but, it is NO French baquette.  Oh no…Europe, what have you done to me?!?!

After spending a great time with my Grandma, I was picked up by my mom and was off to spend the rest of the day/evening at the house for another home cooked-meal!  But first, it was time to clean out my mom’s closet.  We’re shopping tomorrow and she NEEDS some new key items.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the heaping pile of clothes on the bed we are getting rid of…one sweater was from over 25 years ago!!!  Side Note:  My mom dresses very cute…don’t get the wrong idea.  We just had to do some “fall” cleaning.

Dinner was another delicious meal: Asian Marinated Chicken + Couscous + Baked Brussel Sprouts + Steamed Carrots

Oh so good!

And, as promised yesterday, here is a pic of the fabulous graham cracker dessert.

She's weird.

I opted for a nice helping of the remaining choco frosting + my fave animal crackers!!

Yes, I'm weird.

Another great night was almost complete…but I still had one very important thing left to do.  Make a TARGET run!!!  OMG was it so fun.  I think I almost walked down every aisle.  And of course, the saying that you “can’t get out of Target without spending $100” is totally true!  Here are a few of my prized purchases!

See the red Target circles...so happy.

When I look at this pic, I expect some grand finale song to be playing.



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