Hellooooo Tosa!

Before we hit Tosa…some parting shots of my fave city…chi-town!

Why is the Starbucks line so long...oh that's right...it's amazing.

Dutifully carrying my S'bucks.

Ahhh, chicago.

Michigan Ave...enough said.

Statue on Mich. Ave...???

Yesterday (Sunday) we arrived in my hometown of Wauwatosa (aka…Tosa)!  I could NOT have been more excited to see my family.

First, we stopped at our condo to pick up my fab car.  I have not driven since February and will be perfectly honest – I was borderline terrified to get behind the wheel.  Will I remember how to drive?  Which pedal is gas versus brake?  OMG, how do I move from reverse to forward?  Seriously.  🙂  Thankfully, the saying is true…it’s like riding a bike – it all comes back to you.  AND…it was GLORIOUS.  All my radio stations were still programmed and it just felt right.  It was like all my independence came rushing back.  (Of course, a special thanks to Jeffy for having the car looking spotless…I would have expected no less from Mr. Clean)!

We drove from the condo to my parent’s house for an afternoon/evening of my pre-selected home-made meals.  Before we got there I must say that I started tearing-up while driving past Miller Park.  Everyone was tail-gating and the smell was just like home (mmm Milwaukee).  I’m def not a baseball fan, but there is something about a Milwaukee tail-gate party.

ANYWAY, I’m digressing a lot.  We made it to Tosa and we burst into my home.  It was GREAT.  It was so exciting to catch up with my parents and sisters (‘tsis’ as we call eachother) after a long 7 months.  We sat out on the porch and enjoyed the sunny weather.  Of course, the first thing I ate when I walked in was….

Pumpkin Choco Chip Muffins!!! (Still warm)!

Yes, my mother is the best in the world.  They were literally right out of the oven and the fresh aroma was still filling our house.  OMG.

Next on the food list, was Grandpa’s olive dip.  This is also to die for.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture…probably because as soon as it was set on the patio table we all started eating as if we’ve never eaten before.  No time for a pic…it was every man for himself!

We let our stomachs settle before dinner.  My parents cooked in the kitchen while my sisters and I browsed through old pics (so fun…and we were/are SO cute)!  Ha.  Joe and my sister’s bf discovered the new flat screen tv and were glued to it.  (ESPN has been in FULL force while we are home…Joe’s SO happy)!

Onto dinner (in the dining room…YES!)!  By request (ours of course):  Grilled pork tenderloin with steamed broccoli, cajun potato wedges, and pretzel rolls.  OMG is pretty much all I have to say.

You know we had 2nd's.


Side note – I just LOVE eating in our dining room.  It’s such a different vibe from the kitchen…more special.  We have all our holiday meals in here and it’s a tradition my sisters and I are VERY strict about.

After dinner we had the MOST delicious dessert EVER.  I totally forgot a picture and I’m so mad.  I know we’ll have more on Monday so I’ll take a pic.  It was a layered cake of sorts – graham crackers + french vanilla pudding + chocolate frosting!

All in all, it was a wonderful homecoming and I’m so looking forward to our week here!!  Thank you mom and Jeffy for a great Sunday! 🙂

OH, last but definitely not least…I made a stop at my favorite house in Brookfield: Julia’s home!  I had not seen my bff in 7 LONG months.  A lot has happened…aka, her engagement!  I saw her beautiful ring and picked up my bridesmaid dress!

If you can’t tell…I LOVE BEING HOME!  Absence does make the heart grow fonder (yes, that’s gaggish)!


4 responses

  1. Hey Sarah,

    I have been dutifully following your blog ever since I got accepted into a PhD program at UGent. I hopefully will start at Gent the next month. I am in Milwaukee too and am so excited about finding someone else from here as well. Welcome back home, and I can say you couldn’t have chosen a better time to be home. The last two weeks were just miserable and the weather seems to be getting a little better.

    • Congratulations on getting into your PhD program! You’ll love Gent! If you need any help/advice on the city (things to do, where to eat, drinks, etc) let me know!

      Yes, the weather in Milwaukee has been great the last 2 days! It’s so great visiting! 🙂

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