Wonderful Weekend in Watou!

Even if you are a Belgian, chances of you knowing Watou are slim…but, thanks to our awesome neighbors, we had the chance to explore this wonderful little town this past weekend.

Driving only about 1 hour from Gent, we stayed at the ‘Het Brouwershuis.’  This B&B is situated next to its owner’s brewery, Sint Bernardus (Joe’s fave)!  Honestly, I’ve never been to such a cute and relaxing place!  Actually, I’ve never been to a B&B before so I didn’t know what to expect, but, this FAR exceeded any expectations I had.  As you arrive, you drive through a nice vine-archway.  You come upon 2 buildings each beautiful with vines and plants growing everywhere (not overgrown – strategic).  It’s so hard to explain how nice it was…so…here are the pics.

Look at that red color!!!

Is that welcoming or what?!

The “main” house had a beautiful living room with games, books, a fireplace, and…unlimited beer (St-Bernardus of course)!  There is also a nice room for the breakfast (which was awesome – no pics on that but think breads, yogurt, fruit, eggs, cheese, ham, etc)!  On the other side of the breakfast room was a pond full of large goldfish!

Sitting room...

So cozy!

Mmm, breakfast.

The bedrooms were adorable as well.  Nicely decorated with cute accents – not too many knick-knacks.  Each room has a separate bathroom (apparently not all B&B’s do that).  Only thing I was disappointed with was that there was no shampoo/conditioner (which I totally forgot to bring)!  But, we only stayed 1 night, so it was ok for me.


Thankful for our own bathroom!

Nice, but...lots of spidey's...

*I will add one comment – take it as you will.  As you can see from my pic above, the spiders were in FULL effect.  Definitely NOT indoors, but they were quite a few outside (shocker, right?…spiders outside in a farm area?).  No one else cared, but I have a severe case of arachnophobia (sp?), so I  did get squirmy when walking by trees, chairs, etc.

Anyway, we spent the day using the bikes from the B&B (after finally adjusting the adult bikes to the lowest seat level for me, ugh).  We rode into the town of Watou (very cute town square)!  We stopped for a couple drinks and lunch.  I had a delicious melon and proscuitto salad.


So fresh!

We then rode our backs in the opposite direction to Abele.  We stopped for another drink (see a theme?) at a cute place in France.  Yes, that’s right…we crossed the border.  We were pretty exctied…:-)

Indian summer?!

Me & Babe.

After all the biking, we were ready to relax at the B&B before heading out to dinner…will post the dinner next (one of the BEST dinners we’ve had in a long time)!  Wow, Watou…we’re impressed!!!


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