A week in photos!

Have I been slacking or what?!?!  I’ve been very busy with our visitors so I’m going to do a ‘week in photos’ post to catch up!  Here we go!!!


Of course, I had class, but was able to grab dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Downstairs.  You may remember it from the review!  I opted for the Gent specialty – Waterzooi.  

Like a delish chicken soup!

Followed up by a round of jenever at t’ Dreupelkot!

Pinky's up!


Today was a day of Gent.  We went to the castle, cathedral, had wafels, etc.

Queens! 🙂

Atop the castle!

Wafels anyone?!

Or coffee with freshly whipped cream?!

And then…we had lunch at the Stropke restaurant outside the castle.  I must say that this was a pleasant surprise…you never know how restaurants will be in extremely tourist areas.  VERY delish!

Tomato soup + multigrain bread!

Gent stoverij!

AMAZING brie+pineapple salad!

Wednesday night was pizza and relaxing.  Unfortunately, I do not have a pic of the pizza, but it was really good.  Yes, all we do is eat here! 🙂


No pics today…forgot my camera on the way to Antwerp.  But, we took the train to Antwerp, walked the city, ate some mussels and chocolate, grabbed Starbucks (yes!), and shopped ’til we dropped!  I am the lucky new owner of a beautiful striped sweater and Joe has a very nice (stylin) shirt!


Last night we hosted a dinner at our condo with ingredients from the fresh markets!  On the menu – halibut, brussel sprouts, salad, and bread.  The halibut was cooked on the stove top with a squeeze of lemon and some spices.  We broiled the brussel sprouts in the oven for about 30 minutes on 200C (tossed with salt, pepper, and olive oil).  A VERY nice evening in with our guests :-)!


Yum, a home-cooked meal!

Off to enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!  Up next…beer tours and bike rides!


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