Brunch @ Chez Joe/Sarah

Sunday Night:

Last night we went and ate at a restaurant on the Graslei.  It was a beautiful night so we sat outside under the heat lamps!  We all sampled some of the “local” cuisine.  For appy’s, we sampled the smoked salmon and cheese croquette’s.  The in-laws had the traditional waterzooi (chicken, potatoes, and carrots in a light stew).  Joe had the stoverij (beef with potatoes in a thicker stew).  I had the greek salad – ok, not a local specialty, but I was craving feta cheese!  Of course, we sampled some wine and Belgian beer!

HUGE portions!

Afterward, we opted for a night cap at the “smallest bar in the world!”  (According to the bar that is…)!  We got to sit on the second floor where there is literally one very small table and the ceiling is about 5 ft high.  So quaint!

Creepin through the window

Monday Morning:

Brunch was at Chez Joe and Sarah.  We wanted to make our guests the infamous “egg sandwich” – our weekend routine.  Joe manned the stove while I made coffee…ok, well our Senseo machine did it.  I essentially sat around. 🙂

Thanks babe!

Good Morning!

Awesome as always!

Delish.  Sadly, they are off to tour Brugges and I have to stay behind (darn school)!  BUT, before school, I get to pick up our other visitor at the train station!  Woo hoo!!! 🙂


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