Welcome to Ghent MIL & FIL!

Happy Sunday!  Our visitors have arrived (mil/fil = mother/father in law)!

The morning started off on a high note.  Flight was early AND we all had a nice tall Starbucks! 🙂  We got to Ghent and immediately went off to find a brunch locale.  I had heard of the Brooderie B&B and thought we could stop there for a bite.  I really enjoyed my meal (croissant/fruit) but Joe was quite disappointed.  He ordered what he thought was a ham and cheese sandwich.  If you look at the pics, you’ll see a plate with ham and cheese (no bread).  We thought that came with our breakfasts…so ended up eating his food…oops, my bad.

Brooderie B&B!

Nothing quite like a croissant! Joe's "sandwich" peeking through the background!

After brunch, we decided to walk around the centrum of the city.  We came across our favorite market (Vrijdagmarkt) and…what did we discover…a bird market (oh + fish).  That’s not weird, right?!?!?!  Perhaps people wake up and go, man I really want to buy a bird today.  And, while I’m at it, why not a fish?

Yes, full of chirping birds...

"Special colored" birds anyone?!

Or how about a goldfish?

Oh Belgium, you kill me, you really do.


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