Day got away from us!

So…by the time we got to looking at the clock today…it was like 4pm.  I seriously do not know what we do on some Saturdays, but, this one flew by with getting NOTHING accomplished (except groceries)!  I need to get going…lots of cleaning to do before our guests arrive tomorrow!!

So, onto a quick meal prepared by Joe…his signature “wok.”  Always delicious…

Followed by sharing my new fave Belgian beer…La Chouffe.  I think I mostly like this beer based on the little guy on the front…he’s so cute!  I bought this glass at De Hop Duvel when Maggie was here…I’m really starting to like the whole specific glass with EVERYTHING you drink!

My new glass!

So good once it hits your lips.

Tonight we opted to watch a movie on Itunes.  We wanted a casual night before our visitors arrive tomorrow and on Monday.  It is going to be a BUSY next couple weeks.  So, we rented ‘Thor.’  I’m not one for comic book movies, but this was exceptional.  I really like Natalie Portman.  I knew nothing about  Chris Hemsworth…but OMG.  Have you seen his ripped bod in this movie?  Wow.  Ok…SPOILER ALERT…I did not like the ending where he and Natalie aren’t together.  I suppose it sets up for a sequel, but come on…she just had a baby in real life…how do we know she’ll get back in the ‘biz?

Off to bed…an early morning picking up Crete & John at the airport!  Very excited…plus, we get Starbucks! 🙂


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