Restaurant Review: In Bocco Lupo

This is arguably our favorite restaurant in Ghent…so you probably already know how it will rate, but still take a look!

Restaurant: In Bocca ‘Lupo


How cute it the front door?!

Location: Ghent, Belgium (Patershol)

  • Ambiance – AWESOME.  It is in the Patershol area of Gent which is basically cozy, small streets with really nice and cute restaurants.  It has a very nice/cozy/romantic feel to it.
  • Drinks – GREAT.  We’ve always ordered a bottle of wine (both red and white) and have never had a complaint.  Also, the prices are decent with quite a few under 30 euro.
  • Snacks – GREAT .When you sit down, you automatically receive the LARGEST green olives I’ve ever seen, alont with some really great circular crackers. Yum.
  • Food – GREAT. (see below)
  • Price – GREAT.  Average priced (main meal 12-25 euros).  However, I have one big complaint – they do NOT take American credit cards.  Be sure to have quite a bit of cash on hand…so annoying.
  • Service – VERY GOOD – always friendly and willing to help to non-Dutch speakers.  I will add that this is a typical Belgian restaurant where your dinner will probably take 1.5-2 hours to enjoy.  This would not be a place to go if you are in a hurry.
  • Overall – GREAT.  We’ve been here numerous times and have NEVER been disappointed.
What we ate:
  • Anti-pasti platter – This is a MUST.  It has great grilled vegetables, cured meats, bruschetta, etc.  Note that the serving size is large, so you probably can order it for 1 person (which is enough to feed 2 people).
  • Joe had the specialty pesto pasta with arugula, tomatoes, and grated parmesan cheese.  Excellent.
  • I had my fave – the zucchini stuffed with ricotta cheese and served with a potato green bean salad and then side lettuce salad.  This meal is SO good and filling.  The steaming cheese in the zucchini is to die for.
  • Of course, we also receive delicious multi-grain bread!
Here are the pics…are you salivating?


I would lick the plate if that was acceptable.

*Disclaimer – I am NOT a professional food critic/reviewer,etc.  Simply my observations based on my tastes…


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