Antwerp Tour!

Good Morning!  I think I’m still getting the hang of “getting back into the real world.”  Aka going to school/homework, etc…instead of taking my merry-old time working out, cooking, cleaning, coffee, and blogging.  Can you tell I’m a little behind on my “chores” by the looks of this?  Here is what I’m eating my breakfast out of today…

Mmm beer...I mean, fruit.

Now…onto the details of our Saturday in Antwerp!  It was quite a different day in Antwerp than our last trip (remember the beer festival)?

We did a walking tour through the old town.  Our first stop was the river (Schelde, I believe) for a look at the castle!  I LOVE the vines growing on the side (haha, I just noticed you can’t see those…oops)!  Also, I imagine you’ll notice the big statue (of a giant – see the little people looking up at him).  Rumor has it that Antwerp got its name derived from the word “handwerpen.”  Apparently, the ‘Giant’ guarded the Antwerp port and if you could not pay the “fee” to get into the port, the ‘Giant’ would chop off your hand (aka – ‘handwerpen’).  Pretty gruesome, but cool…?

Give me your hand!

Next stop was the ‘stadt-huis’ (city hall) centrum where you can see the guilded buildings, a beautiful fountain, the city hall, and cathedral.

So pretty.

American Flag was all tangled!

Surprisingly, had to pay to get into this church (very rare)!

We also spotted an “antique” sale and perused the tables.  Maggie’s cousins bought some silver and we found…

"Sir Joe"


Ok, so we only bought the book.  I think the “helmut” or whatever it is called was not fitting for Joe.  First, it weighted like 20 pounds, and second it had like spikes in the helmut…not comfy.

We also spotted this bar that I had heard about.  We didn’t have time to have a drink, but we will DEFINITELY go back with our next visitors (that’s you Crete)! 🙂  The bar was in a really nice building (w/vines…loving those) and had the largest collection of church figurines I’ve ever seen.  Apparently it is VERY popular and well-known.


Overall, a great day trip from Ghent.  Next time I’ll make sure to get pics of the beautiful Central Station and the SHOPPING streets.  I met  a girl in my MBA program from Antwerp and she filled me in on all THE places to go.  Watch out! 🙂


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