Antwerp = Cupcakes?

On Saturday we drove to Antwerp to meet Maggie’s cousins and to bid her farewell…sad!  The time FLEW by!  We had lunch at a restaurant that I’ll describe in a separate post, yes, it is THAT good and deserves its own feature.

So…let’s skip to after lunch.  DESSERT – We stopped at “Momade Cupcakes” and each had a little piece of heaven.  There really is not much else to say but this…


Here are the other pics!  Let me tell you, not only were the cupcakes delish (freshly made each morning), they were adorbs!  Joe opted for a caramel cupcake and Maggie/I both opted for a blueberry cupcake.  Note that the frosting was a delicious cream-cheese frosting…

I imagine some of you are thinking, did you guys just eat the entire time Maggie was there?  Well, kind of, but we also sampled a lot of beer/wine…:-)

More Antwerp pics to come tomorrow…so tired after my class tonight (stats, again…correlations, coefficients, and co-variances have me spinning)!


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