Some interesting facts…

So, last night was the opening session for school and there were quite a few things that were interesting to me (here are only a couple as it would take forever to list them all)!  I can already tell this will be a very interesting and eye-opening experience!

  • I am 1 of 5 girls
  • I am the only American (“token”)
  • Very clean, nice campus (love the red brick – I’ll have to take a photo soon)
  • All VERY nice and friendly people
  • Unlimited drinks after class in the lounge (mmm, white wine)
  • Unlimited snacks in the lounge (AWESOME – chips, nachos, olives, cheese)!
More to come, but thought I’d leave you with this funny story.  So, we had to introduce the person we were sitting next to.  You know, talk to them for a few minutes and then introduce them to the class giving 1 unique fact and 2 background facts.  Well, the first question my neighbor asked me was my age.  It is NORMAL to ask people’s ages here…which I still am not used to.  Also, it is apparently normal to ask the marital status, if you have kids, etc.  Again, I’m not bothered by these questions, I’m just not used to it…obviously a cultural difference!  OH, and last but not least, the “unique” fact that my neighbor said about me was that my last name is not my own, it’s my husbands.  HA!  It’s very uncommon for Belgian women to take their husband’s name.  Interesting…Joe, are you reading this?! 🙂
Ok, off to class…check out my exciting (slight sarcasm) stats book!
We get served a hot meal in between classes today in the campus restaurant.  I’m curious as to what it will be…I had the opportunity to mark vegetarian, but did not.  I hope I don’t regret that decision…there are certain meats here that I do not like (aka – raw prepare and horse).  TBD.
We have a visitor arriving tomorrow – SO excited!  So, I should have some more non-MBA related posts coming this weekend.  I’m going to test out some new recipes on her! 🙂

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