The American Grocery Store!!!

I’ve been slacking on my picture taking this past weekend.  I don’t know why, but I failed to take a picture of Saturday night’s dinner AND Sunday morning’s eggs.  But, if you refer to this and this, you know what we had (and it was delish, as they always are).

However, I did nab a picture of us enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather on Saturday.  It was about 28C (80’sF) and sunny all day long (which it hasn’t been in MONTHS).  Joe and I had a great time walking around, getting ice cream, and enjoying a cocktail by the river.

*I had cava (Spanish champagne) and Joe had a Chimay Blauw (one of his new faves).  Did anyone know that you can’t actually call a drink ‘Champagne’ unless it comes from the small region in France – I didn’t…seems a bit ‘hoity-toity’ to me?!  I know I didn’t spell that right…

Note the bb in the pic - texting his BBM group, of course.

Yes, there is Red Bull here...

I almost forgot to mention the MOST exciting thing that happened as we were walking home on Saturday.  A group of young people (probs 23ish…ah, remember those days) asked us for directions.  We LOVE when people pass us off as Belgians since it means we aren’t standing out like sore thumbs.  Anyway, one of the girls in the group was American (we could tell right away).  We asked where she was from…MILWAUKEE!  I about died, I was so excited.  What a small world!  Joe joked that I was going to ask to give her a hug…which would have been great actually.  I didn’t, but anyway…it was exciting (sorry, I’m sure many of you may think, wow, they get excited over weird things, but trust me, when you are this far away and you meet someone from “home” – instant connection)!

On to the second most exciting thing this weekend…along the lines of “home”…a trip to the AMERICAN GROCERY STORE!  As I mentioned while making “Funfetti,” there is an American grocery store in Antwerp (about 40 minutes away driving) called Grare.  We decided to head over there on Sunday to pick up some “essentials.”  And…here is what we got!

You KNOW I only put 1 bag of Goldfish in the pic...but there are DEF more! 🙂

Again, you may not know this, but these items are VIRTUALLY impossible to find unless you are at an American store.  I was VERY excited to find canned pumpkin as my mom always makes these AMAZING pumpkin choco chip muffins.  Thought I’d give it a go…but that’ll be another post.  I was also really excited about the ‘Shake n Bake’ as it’s one of my all-time faves for an easy week night meal.  So, we grabbed our purchases, got in the car, and proceeded to eat on the way home (granola bars for me and PB bars for Joe).  Success.

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