First day of MBA school…

Today is the first day of school for me!  (There is no Labor Day in Belgium 🙂 fyi – for those of you in America having a nice little cook-out right about now)!

I am VERY excited and of course, slightly (an understatement) nervous!  I will be starting the part-time MBA program at Vlerick Gent Management School.  Here is the link to the part-time program, if you are interested.

Naturally, I started the day off right…honestly, the one thing you learn in pre-school, always have a good breakfast your first day! 🙂

Mmm, oatmeal + Cheerios

Tonight is the first meeting/class (yes, it is in English).  Thankfully, tonight is strictly orientation – picking up your books, introduction to the program, introductions to each other, and cocktails in the lounge.  Whew, way to start us off easy…I mean, I haven’t done school work in 5.5 years!  Of course…tomorrow is 7 hours of class, but let’s wait til my next post for that…

So, here I am off to my first day…Joe took a picture of me and walked me to school (yes, I’m 28 years old).  🙂

I’ll be honest…I already had a melt-down yesterday (Sunday)…yes, tears were involved.  I started working in Excel on my macbook.  Ok, has anyone tried converting from a PC to a MAC AND from Excel 2004 to Excel 2011 at the SAME time?  It’s like my world has been flipped upside down.  Joe immediately tried to help me (sweet), but then…I hear this laughter from behind me.  He thought I was over-reacting and was laughing…NOT the best reaction in my opinion! 🙂  In hindsight, yea, it’s funny, and he did help me, but I was NOT a happy camper.  Anyway, we figured out my ‘vlookup’ and I was happy.

Off to bed…7 hours of class tomorrow (bring it on European Law and Statistics)!


2 responses

  1. You are so funny Sarah. You look so cute in the picture. Glad the first day went well. Were you appropriately dressed? Crying about the Mac Excel was a bit much! Love you, Blom

    • Did you notice how Joe took the pic in front of the fireplace?! That’s where you guys always took ours on the 1st day school…haha!

      Yes, I was dressed appropriately, but today I’m totally busting out the jeans!

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