Joe’s Home! + Spicy Chicken & Veggies

SO, Joe got back from his trip and I was VERY eager to show him our new apartment!  Yes, I moved us ALL by myself (+ 3 movers). 🙂  Verdict?  He loves it, whew!!!  We both agree that we feel a lot more comfortable here.

I wanted to make him a home-made meal for his arrival.  If you recall, I received a HUGE marrow last week and I wanted to start using this bad boy!  So, I searched online and found the following recipe from a fellow blogger!  Here is the link: Spicy Chicken + Spicy Vegetables

I made a couple of substitutions based on what was in the fridge – I used white onion and opted to use my marrow instead of the summer squash.  Overall, this was a good simple meal.  We really liked the chicken (I added a LOT of cumin – love spice) and the vegetables were very tasty…minus 1.  The marrow did NOT turn out.  I’m not sure if I didn’t cook it long enough, or if it just isn’t a vegetable that should be cooked on the stove.  Oh well, win some you lose some…and I still have a TON of it left to try other recipes (maybe something backed next time)!

Here is a pic (sorry, Joe’s flight was late so I almost finished eating before I remembered to take a pic):


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