Restaurant Review: Downstairs (Ghent, Belgium)

While we are living abroad, Joe and I have a goal of trying as many different restaurants as possible.  That being said, here is my first restaurant review!

Restaurant: Downstairs

Location: Ghent, Belgium (Korenmarkt 6)

  • Ambiance – GREAT (I love it).  It is a cute (smaller) restaurant located beneath an old building in the main center of town.  You walk in and it looks like a cave (curved ceiling with exposed brick).  There is a nice bar to the left with nice tables/chairs.  The lighting (candles) is very nice too – kind of romantic actually.
  • Drinks – GOOD.  I ordered a glass of red wine and it was decent (no complaints).  Joe ordered a Duvel.  The only reason I don’t rate it great is that they don’t offer as many beer selections as some other places.  They also have aperitifs, juices, coffee, etc.
  • Snacks – Ok (not my taste, but Joe likes them).  Drinks come with BBQ pork rinds…
  • Food – GREAT.
  • Price – GREAT.  Average priced (main meal 12-25 euros), but the portions are huge!
  • Service – GREAT.  Fast and friendly.  We’ve been here a couple times with our families since we like it so much and the owner recognizes us and always shakes our hands.  Also, they are always willing to help us with the menu since it is in Dutch.
  • Overall – GREAT, I highly recommend!
What we ate:
  • Joe had the specialty pasta of the day – Tortellini stuffed with cheese and spinach in a white wine sauce.  Excellent.
  • I had my go-to meal here – the goat cheese salad (check out how HUGE it is)!  The goat cheese salad has endives, walnuts, apples, raisins, tomatoes, and carrots!
  • Plus, each meal comes with delicious rolls!
Unfortunately, the pictures of Joe’s food did not turn out, but here is mine!

*Disclaimer – I am NOT a professional food critic/reviewer,etc.  Simply my observations based on my tastes…


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