New patisserie!

The first day in our new apartment was mainly spent unpacking, cleaning, etc.  But, it was ACTUALLY sunny and warm, so I made it a point to get outside.

This morning I decided to go to the gym to determine how long it takes to get there from the new place.  ONLY 5 minutes (walking) and when I ran back it was ONLY 2 minutes (not even enough time for Adele to finish singing)!  AWESOME…now there really is no excuse not to go when it’s raining!  I did my interval workout I mentioned the other day and got on with my day!

OH, I almost forgot to mention what I found at the grocery store yesterday…microwave POPCORN.  I ran out of popcorn about 1 month ago (since our last visitor brought it to me).  I WAS SO EXCITED…you KNOW I had a huge side of popcorn with my dinner last night!  It was just as tasty as I remembered it to be.

Tonight two of my friends stopped over to see the new place and have some wine/dessert, yes, delish.  Earlier in the afternoon, I decided to buy some treats from a new patisserie in Gent, ‘Joostarijs’.  Here are the treats I bought:

  • Chocolate, Moka log (sorry, not the best description)
  • Vanilla eclair
  • Raspberry tart w/pistachios on top
  • White Chocolate mousse with red berry cream inside
And, of course, here are the pictures.  Do I really need to tell you that these were good?  I mean, come on!  Belgian patisseries and treats are really the best!  Great night!

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