Last weekend in the “Koen-er” apt…Part 1

This marks the last weekend in our 1st apartment here in Ghent!  It’s kind of crazy to think that we’ve lived in this place for 6 months already.  While, it’s been a good apartment, I’m so ready to be in our new place (where we will be permanently).  There’s just a different feeling when you are in a “permanent” apartment…more like home!

That being said, our weekend is going to consist of packing!  Of course, before we could do that, we need to get some fuel in our bellies.

A weekend favorite breakfast: English Muffin Egg Sandwiches (+ tomatoes, cheese, and fruit)! 

*So simple and so delish.  The first thing Joe literally says to me on Saturdays and Sunday’s is…’Can I make the sandwiches now?’  HE LOVES THEM – can you tell which is his? 🙂

OK, NOW off to packing.  You’d think we wouldn’t have accumulated that much since it’s only been 6 months…but, then you probably don’t know me.

*What would we do without Ikea…


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