Joe’s specialty – Wok!

Wok is one of our newfound fave’s here and just happens to be Joe’s specialty – he discovered it and he cooks it!  It’s become a weekly staple that we have the night we go grocery shopping (it’s quick and easy – in no way meant to belittle his skills).  There are various sauces that Joe’s experimented with:

  • Tandoori
  • Sesame
  • Curry
  • Marinara
  • Sweet n’ Sour
He’s even added eggs to it…but last night we kept it simple with tandoori sauce.  It was delish (the entire bowl was gone and any remaining juice soaked up in bread).  While Tandoori is good, my fave is still marinara (Joe likes sesame).  We also had a side of rice and a whole grain baguette from a new bakery I tried, ‘Panda.’
*For my Belgian friends, it’s ‘Delhaize’ brand, so it’s only found there…highly recommend!

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