Relaxing Sunday in Gent…

A perfect, relaxing Sunday in Gent…went for a walk this afternoon and found ourselves at the Marriott bar (very, American).  It’s become our home away from home!  Had a mid-afternoon snack of marinated olives, sausage, and cheese to be dipped in the infamous Gent mustard (see previous grocery post).

As we were walking back to our apartment, we stumbled upon the MOST GLORIOUS BANNER to ever have been on display in Gent.  Do you see the little logo in the lower left corner…we are getting a STARBUCKS!  OMG…I can now call Gent a legit city, j/k…kind of.  Come “herfst 2011” you’ll know where to fine me! 🙂

***Note, I’ve googled the opening of Starbucks and feel like I should mention that the vast majority of “Gentenaars” (i.e. – Gent locals) are NOT happy about this.  They do not want chains coming to their centrum.  Whatevs, Gentenaars, don’t rain on my parade—it’s coming!  OH, and if they have the red Starbucks cups during the holidays, I may pass out from excitement.


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