Friday night-in

Shockingly, we decided to stay in this Friday night…not very common for us, but was very relaxing.

Of course, being Friday, I wanted some “appy’s” before dinner to go with our wine/beer.  I bought an extra can of chickpea’s this week since I was craving the roasted chickpea’s from one of our favorite restaurants in Milwaukee – Roots.  Side note – we will DEF visit this place when we visit home!

Simple Roasted Chickpea Snack:

Here are the results (I obviously did not watch them close enough as some were a little “charred”).  Also, they were not spicey enough for me, so I would add some cayenne pepper to the mix next time.

We ate these plus the obligatory veggies and hummus with our wine/beer before dinner.  I loved them, especially the crunchy taste.  Good and bad, they are full of fiber…but, that meant I was not TOO hungry for dinner.  We were making quesadilla’s and I opted for only 1/2…

Our quesadilla’s were filled with whatever we had in the fridge (mushrooms, tomato’s, onions, and feta/mozzarella cheeses).  I pre-cooked the mushrooms and onions on the stove before heating the tortilla’s.  Joe ate 1/2 of his quesadilla before I had the chance to take a pic…

THEY WERE delicious with some salsa…the mozzarella melted perfectly, but the feta only softened.  Whatevs…it’s cheese.

Dessert was more wine…and eating the leftover Funfetti frosting right out of the container…with my finger.  So good.   Off to watch “Something Borrowed” with Kate Hudson.  OBVIOUSLY, my movie choice


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