Beautiful Luxembourg City!

This past weekend we decided to take a mini-trip to Luxembourg City.  Joe had another 3-day weekend (not sure what this holiday was), but we realized we had been to every country neighboring Belgium except Luxembourg…so…that’s where we went.

We had not heard much at all about Luxembourg.  In fact, most of the people we spoke to did not say good things…more along the lines of, “eh.”  Needless to say, our expectations were low, but I found a great deal at a 5-star hotel (OMG!) and off we went!

Interesting tid-bit:  The country of Luxembourg is only like 52 miles wide and 32 miles long…crazy small.  They speak French, English, and German.  I can get by on English (obvii) and German, so I had high hopes of communicating.  BOY was I WRONG.

We stayed at the Sofitel Grand Du Cal (it was BEAUTIFUL).  Had a non-European style bed – it was huge and fluffy and had tons of thick pillows.  The best part was the shower – it had the “rain” shower-head.  I literally felt like I was standing under a waterfall…so awesome.  Plus, the rooftop restaurant and bar overlooking the town was a good perk.  Here are a few pics:

*I will never deny that I am a hotel-snob…side-effect to the many years of work travel.  I will gladly pay an inflated price for high quality service (to a certain extent, of course).

Like I said, we had no expectations of Luxembourg, but after the first day of walking around the “alt-stadt,” we were SO pleased.  I would rank it as one of my favorite weekend getaways thus far.  It is a BEAUTIFUL city.  We loved the valleys, bridges, and parks.

The second day we decided to take some “tours.”  First stop, the WWII American Cemetery which is home to 5,076 soldiers, including General George Patton.  This was my first experience at a war cemetery and I must say I found it to be a very peaceful and emotional place.  We were both very happy to have stopped here to pay our respects.

Second stop, an English-guided tour through the Petrusse casemates.  The casemates date back to 963 and are essentially tunnels through the ground (some 40km) that were used as both a shelter from war and for fighting battles.  Really interesting, but made me very nervous (fear of bats/spiders/mice, etc).

Overall, we had an amazing trip to Luxembourg.  We would really like to go back to show our families!


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