Surprising new hobbies…

One of the perks of living abroad and not having a job is that I have a LOT of time on my hands.  This can be good and bad.  Choosing to look on the bright side (today 🙂 ), it has given me time to explore things that I like to do other than my finance/accounting job (which I did LOVE).  Over the last few months, I found 3 things that I really like (some shocking, um, cooking?!), and these are what I’ve decided to blog about:

In no particular order:

1.  COOKING: Surprisingly, I’ve found that I LOVE to cook.  I love researching new recipes on the internet ( and are my go-to’s as well as some of my favorite blogs).  I know that probably sounds crazy to anyone who knows me, especially my family (my typical dinner in the US was Lean Cuisine and popcorn)…yea, not healthy, I know.

2.  HEALTH/FITNESS: The health part will sometimes overlap with my cooking (since most of the recipes I’m trying are considered healthy).  As for fitness, we did not have a gym for the first 5 months, so I had to get creative with my workouts – running, dvds, at-home cardio, intervals, using random items for weights, etc.  In that time, I found that I REALLY liked different trying different workouts…as opposed to my usual USA routine of treadmill/elliptical.

3.  MISC PLANNING (most often Travel/Parties/Get-togethers):  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love planning, anything.  Lately, since we are so fortunate to live on mainland Europe with a car, I’ve been planning countless itineraries for our weekend excursions.  I’m also lucky to be planning a few parties this year (Bachelorette & Wedding Showers for my upcoming BFF’s wedding and some get-togethers on our trip back to the USA).


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