Tulips 2011

While searching for quick weekend driving trips for Koen and I, I came upon an internet site for the Keukenhof.  Now, I’ve heard that there are a lot of tulips in the Netherlands in the spring…ok, so yea, a lot is an understatement.  The Keukenhof is in Lisse, Holland and is only open from mid-March to mid-May each year.  It’s about 2 hours from Ghent so I thought it would be the perfect place to go one Saturday.

The Keukenhof plants over 7 million bulbs each year – it is INSANE.  There are about 5 exhibit halls on the premise that each have a different theme.  To my excitement, there was a Gerbera daisy (my FAVE flower) exhibit one weekend – so…we went.

I cannot explain how amazing it is to walk into the park – there are flowers EVERYWHERE.  And not like a patch of flowers…like fields and fields of flowers.

Take a look at this picture where you overlook a field full of…no not corn, sorry Wisco, tulips!!!


Here are a couple more pictures, it’s hard for me to write about because nothing I can say will do this place justice.  Although one of my face pics is below where you could walk on these “lilly-pads” on a small pond.  I wanted to sit there and wait to see someone fall (get pushed) in…


Really have not much to say other than this is a must-see if you are here during the spring.  Also one of my most favorite days ever with Koen.


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