Haircut (Koen’s) –

Our relocation agent suggested Koen use her hairdresser for his first hair cut.  Nothing out of the ordinary until we hear that – she cuts his hair at OUR house.  So, she comes over (with her bf in tow who proceeds to sit at the kitchen table with a Westmaal Trippel) with a box of tools almost resembling an old school doctor bag.  She cuts his hair in the bathroom and walks downstairs.  Koen is left upstairs bewildered with his hair all over the floor thinking…um, now what?

All in all, I would rate it 7/10.  The price is cheap (prob bc cleanup is on you) and the haircut is dece.  Plus, no tipping here…even though Koen panicked at not tipping and gave something like 75%.

Haircut (Me) –

I just got my haircut yesterday so this is very fresh in my mind.  Luckily, our nice waitress at our fave restaurant gave me a recommendation (I chose to go to a salon as opposed to have someone come to the house – what can I say, I like the hair washing and styling at a salon).  Now, the girl who cuts my hair speaks little English.  So, of course, I speak slow and as clear as possible – “Only trim…do NOT like the Belgian layered look.”  For whatever reason, I tend to speak in fragments when talking to a non-English speaker.

She does a great job at cutting my hair – I only panic once when I thought she grabbed my bangs and did a straight snip – circa high school when everyone had the straight-cut-across bangs with the HUGE curl (you know who I’m talking about).

She then asked if she should style my hair – sure, do some waves.  Um, in the US, they use curler irons or a round brush (1).  Nope, here she used 10 round brushes.  She stuck all 10 in my hair and let them sit there – I’m not kidding – I was staring at myself in the mirror thinking – “OMG, what is going on?  My head is going to topple over from the weight.”

Verdict is that I’ll def go back – next time with no waves.


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